Susan Frates Nutrition & Fitness
Specializing In....
  • Wellness Nutrition (maximize your energy & health)

  • Weight Regulation

  • Sports Nutrition (avid athletes to newcomers)

  • Child & Adolescent Nutrition

  • Disordered Eating (anorexia nervosa & bulimia)

  • Women's Health

  • Diabetes

Individual & group consultations available.

What is the "RD" and "MS, RD"??
RD stands for "Registered Dietician."  This is the credentialed and clinical term for nutrionists.  The RD is offered through the American Dietetic Association (  A RD is someone who has taken at least 4 years of schooling in the sciene of  human nutrition and passed a national board exam.  The "MS" stands for a master of science degree.